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Director - Camera - Editor
The Mountain Reel a film by Tijl Bex Client: Multiple Function: Camera - Editor filmed in Austria, Japan, New Zealand, North America, Canada, ...  The Mountain Reel
PINURA Sleeping re-invented, commercial work in the alpine region of Tyrol, Austria. Client: Schlafmanufaktur Function: Director - Camera - Editor CONTRADDICTION Contraddiction - an Award Winning reflection on snowboarding's beautiful simplicity. The Alps, Europe. Client: Elias Elhardt Function: Camera INNSBRUCKER FESTWOCHEN Trailer for the Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alte Musik 2017, Tyrol, Austria. Client: Festwoche der Alte Musik Function: Camera PIRATE MOVIE PRODUCTION Since several years I've been a part of these 4K snowboard documentaries, filming on locations such as; Canada, North America, Japan, Iceland, Italy, Sweden & Austria. Client: Pirate Movie Production RedBull Media House Function: Camera - Editor BACK ON TRACK 2017 Feel Free Ride Contest Recap at the Saarbrücker Hütte, Silvretta, Austria. Client: bot-freeride Function: Director - Camera -Editor FOX CLUB All fun-no cash, a portrait about the founders and their mobile casino in Tyrol, Austria. Client: Fox-Club.at Function: Director - Camera - Editor YOU DON'T KNOW ME Music Video for Baiba Dēķena, Performance by Performance by Skyloon. Client: Baiba Function: Director - Camera- Editor GREETINGS FROM ISTANBUL The clip shows our 4 day journey in the wonderfull multicultural city Istanbul, Turkey. Client: Passion Project Function: Director - Camera - Editor ISOLATION CAMP The gattering of selected artists and musicians, sharing their skills, based in Tyrol, Austria. Client: Isolation Camp Function: Director- Camera - Editor ALPENRHEIN A nature documentation to promote the revitalization of the Alpenrhein in Liechtenstein. Client: Werkstatt Faire Zukunft, FL Function: Camera DAS HOTEL LORÜNSER Hotel promo during winter in beautiful Zürs, Austria. Client: Hotel Lorünser Function: Camera VERKEHRS VERBUND TIROL Main Clip for the new Ticket Reform for public transportation, Sommer and winter compacted in one clip, Tyrol. Client: VVT Function: Camera WAX WRECKAZ Heavyweightsound (feat. Dynamite Mc & Singer Blue) a Musicvideo produced in Tyrol, Austria. Client: Crispy Crust Records Function: Camera - Editor DOSENLICHT A look behind the creator Ralph Aichner and his innovative upcyclingprocess in Tyrol, Austria. Client: Dosenlicht.net Function: Director - Camera -Editor IDEENKANAL A series of clips to promote innovative ideas in the alpine region Liechtenstein & Tirol. Client: IDEENKANAL Stiftung Function: Director - Camera - Editor
X Games Norway Highlights! This year we were invited to film the official highlightclip of the X-Games Norway! Client: Xgames Oslo / ESPN Function: Camera - Editor
MEROPE OPERA - Behind the scenes Watch the gripping trailer for Riccardo Broschi's "Merope" at the Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik 2019, Tyrol, Austria. Client: Festwochen der Alte Musik Function: Director - Camera - Editor


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